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Specific Challenges and Opportunities

The main function of the Chapter’s Membership Committee is to first research their own Chapter to determine how many potential members there are in their
Chapter’s Department.

An aggressive program, well planned, must be developed to attract these
potential members. Also this committee action should reflect strong efforts is getting its’ membership out to regular arid special meetings. This Membership Committee must develop an informative “handout” as to the benefits of becoming a member of the local Chapter. This Committees’ actions also must be devoted to the direct recruitment of new members of their Department. This should be a well planned presentation with hand-out materials and should be pursued in an aggressive well planned manner.

Each Membership Committee’ Chairperson shall meet once per quarter with the Chairpersons of each Membership Committee of their Region to form the Regional Membership Committee. They shall develop strategies as to how to increase their individual Chapters’ membership as well as the development of new Chapters in the Region. They shall also elect a Regional “Chairperson of membership” which shall meet twice per year with all other Regional Chairperson to develop a National strategy to increase the IABPFF membership. This meeting shall be with the Vice President
of Membership which shall be appointed by the President.

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