Membership Approval Process

  • A person, chapter or regional treasurer submits paper or online application and roster 
  • Treasurer accepts new members, manages any financial transactions, and processes application or rosters
  • Financial Secretary adds new member or chapter to database, and communicates new members to their regional director,  Membership chair, and ITC Chair
  • Membership chair makes sure a new member packet is received, informs member to create website profile to receive membership card, and formally welcomes member 
  • ITC makes sure member or roster is added to the website, approves website profile(s) and assists with new member website orientation 
  • At this point a person has completed all steps of the membership process 

Points To Consider

  • Regional directors should monitor and track new members to ensure process is completed 
  • The chapter level ITC Rep, Treasurer, Membership Rep, Financial Secretary or those appointed to cover their duties should assist with their members accomplishing all process steps and communicate this with their regional director and IABPFF Membership Chair. These positions at the regional level are more of a support when the chapter level needs assistance 
  • Membership Chair is responsible for existing members completing new member process items were applicable 
  • The Membership Chair owns the membership process and is responsible for providing membership reports to the executive board 
  • Membership Chair should utilize an assistant to accomplish tasks
  • Membership Chair reports to Executive Director for over-site(problems, compliance, assistance, guidance, approvals)
  • Membership Chair ensures updated process is on file and posted on their committee page along with other membership documents(job descriptions, applications, welcome packets, etc)
  • An example job description for a Regional Membership Chair position would be:
    • Assigned by the regional director
    • Reports to and updates regional Director and IABPFF membership chair
    • Supports and provides oversight to the chapter level membership chair position, i.e, if a chapter did not have a membership committee chair assigned and the board was not able to cover duties.