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The 2019 winner is the South East Region

The International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters has a contest to see which region of the IABPFF is the most connected by seeing with Region’s Facebook page has the most “Likes”. The contest runs from each convention to the next. This year’s standings are as follows:

SWR 226

NER 225

SCR 240

NWR 169

NCR 279

CAR 309

SER 370

IABPFF 4722 (Not in the contest)

The winner will get to have the Facebook Social Media patch prominently displayed on all their media sites and the IABPFF site. 

You can reach each region’s page by doing a search in Facebook for either of the following:

IABPFF South Central Region 

IABPFF North Central Region 

IABPFF South West Region 

IABPFF North West Region 

IABPFF North East region 

IABPFF South East region

IABPFF Caribbean Region

If you haven’t Liked the parent organization’s Facebook page, go ahead and Like it if you have a chance which is found under IABPFF – International Association of Black Professional Firefighters.

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