The following is the updated entertainment events schedule for the convention week outside the host hotel. If there are other entertainment events that might be wanted, please feel free to notify Martin Jones, contact info below. The image below has activities inside the host hotel and outside.

Saturday 8/20

Sunday 8/21

First Pitch at Hartford Yard Goats Stadium IABPFF President and NER Director for those early birds (see image below) 

Food and drinks at Phoenix Club House 

Monday 8/22

Host Night Reception

Tuesday 8/23

Trip to Foxwoods Casino and Outlets,  

NCR and the SWR will be sponsoring the evening at The Phoenix Club House (729 Windsor St, 6120 Hartford)

Wednesday 8/24

SER sponsoring evening at Phoenix Club House 

Night on the town for the hard partiers (location to be determined) 

Bowling at local bowling alley 

Thursday 8/25

NER sponsored night (Comedy Show) Show starts at 7pm Phoenix Club House  

In addition, we will have transportation (For a fee not yet set) to the Casino for those who would like to venture there on a nightly basis starting Tues throw Thurs one trip four hours. 

MJ Musical Tour

Friday 8/26

Martin A. Jones – Hartford Chapter