The International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters (IABPFF) is launching the Climbing for Life fire safety campaign. The campaign promotes the awareness and safe use of home fire escape ladders, smoke alarms and home escape planning. Young children, under the age of 14, are often afraid to descend a ladder as most children have a fear of heights. A fire in the home becomes a stressful situation and a child may become almost paralyzed with fear and refuse to descend the ladder. Climbing for Life promotes the regular practice of home escape plans; installation of residential smoke alarms, and safe climbing of appropriate home escape ladders. For more information on this campaign, see the Press Release below.




To request supplies for the campaign, please click on the document below to access the form. You can fill it out online, sign and save it or print it to a file to email to: or


Supply Request Form


The "Climbing for Life" campaign will provide training on the safe use of home escape ladders and provide smoke alarms and home escape ladders to residents and homeowners that successfully complete the training and participate in a home fire escape planning. There is no cost for the training, smoke alarms or home escape ladders. Training, escape ladders and smoke alarms will be provided by local participating Chapters of the IABPFF. Special emphasis is placed on serving communities in Rochester ( NY), Detroit (MI), Cleveland (OH), Gary (IN), Memphis (TN), Kansas City (MO) and New Haven (CT). All communities are welcome to participate.



Contact a chapter in your area today. See the IABPFF Regions page for chapter near you.




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